Health Insurance Solutions for Small Businesses in Woodland Hills and all of Los Angeles County

Small business owners in Woodland Hills, Encino Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Burbank, and other parts of Los Angeles County know the skyrocketing cost of health insurance poses a major challenge to a company’s bottom line. Offering robust health insurance is essential to attracting and keeping ambitious and talented employees, but there is a break-even point. The strategy only works when you can control health insurance costs.

That’s where enters the scene.

We have a team of experienced professionals who have studied small business group health insurance plans in detail, so we offer can free quotes for group health insurance plans that offer highest level of benefits for the lowest cost. In addition, we have strong relationships with health insurance company insiders, so we can bring programs to your attention that other businesses never hear about. We will do the research for you, so you and your employees stay focused on your business. Each business is unique, but typically we save our business clients fifteen to twenty percent off the rates they are paying—without compromising on the quality of coverage and care.

We know that satisfied employees perform better, so we continue to work with them long after the sale is made. We are happy to meet with your employees as individuals or groups to explain how they will be affected by any changes in your health insurance plan. That leaves your staff free to focus on more revenue-generating matters. We remain just a phone call or email away to handle any questions an employee might have. We are their advocates, so we will make sure they get the attention and results they deserve.

Here are some things to remember about group health insurance:

  • The state sets health insurance rates for small businesses. That means you cannot get a lower price for a particular plan directly from the insurance provider—or anyone else. Keep in mind, however, that the insurance providers build in a commission for health insurance agents, and you pay that fee even when you go directly to the insurer. As a result, they pocket the money and hand you and your employees a 1-800 number for service. For exactly the same cost, we provide a team of advocates who will make sure your employees are well cared for, their questions are answered, and their problems are resolved in a timely fashion..
  • You do not need one hundred percent participation in a group health care insurance to make it viable. You are eligible for a group health insurance plan even if you have only sixty percent participation.
  • Your business is not required to pay more than twenty-five percent each employee’s premium for your group health care insurance plan.
  • Often you can lower your group health insurance premiums by pairing health insurance with life insurance in your benefit package. Let our team of group health insurance experts investigate for you.

We are one of the most successful group health insurance agencies in the greater Los Angeles area because we deliver results for our small business clients. Let us provide you with a free quote for group health insurance. Remember, you pay us nothing. We earn our commissions from the health insurance providers who need your business but do not provide and the follow-through and attention that we do. You have nothing to lose except high premiums. Let us make a better deal for you. Get a free quote today!